All Slots Review: Play for Real Money!

It is not a secret for everybody that a number of new appearing casinos on the Web is growing with a light speed. That may be a problem for casinos themselves, because they need to work harder to stand out among all the others and be better in their industry.

At the same time, it becomes a good thing for you, because as casinos start competing with each other, they start trying to provide the best services and the widest gaming diapason. This is where you can take advantage of it. This way, you can get to the place with the highest level of service and the highest ratings. Why not to be a member of such place?

The topic of today’s topic is a review of one of the leading casino platforms on the gaming market of the Internet. Yes, we are going to tell you about Casino AllSlots, how it works, what features it has and why it is worth your highest evaluation.

How Does AllSlots Stand Out?

If you carefully read the part about standing out and its importance for such gaming portals, you probably thought about the features that help AllSlots casino to stand out. Do not worry! We will tell you and do it in the thinnest details.

Every feature must be described separately, we think. Plus, it would be appropriate and easier to show you pictures and make the listings when they are needed. Right? Are you ready? Go! Scroll down!


Do not say that appearance does not make much difference, because it does, and we all know it. That is the reason why every website, with no exception, must be designed that way, so it looked beautiful, catchy and pleasant. For casinos, a good-looking website is even more important that for the other sites, as casinos are portals for playing and huge online crowds. As we all know, on taste and color of the comrade is not present, but we think that you may like the appearance of casino AllSlots.

So, when you go to the for the first time, the first thing you notice is that the site is designed in blue tones. On the upper left corner (side, as you wish), there is a logo displayed. It is designed in blue (traditionally for this site), white and orange tones. If you take a look righter, you will notice sections, such as “Language” (there are 5 options at the moment) and “Support” (here, you will be able to get all info that you need).

Near, we can see other sections:

  • “Getting Started”;
  • “Promotions”;
  • “Rewards”;
  • “Banking”.

Plus, you will see a red icon named “Register” and a blue icon named “Login”. If you see lower, you can see a big advertisement banner which is meant to attract new customers. How? It displays the info on bonuses that you can gain if you register right now.

Lower, there are sections for gaming models:

  • “Featured”;
  • “Slots”;
  • “Tables”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Video Poker”;
  • “More Games”.

To interest you, there are approximately 10-15 game icons displayed. If you surf the page, you can also read what casino writes about itself and how positions itself. If to talk about the bottom of the page, you will see 3 categories, among which there are “Casino Links” category, “Quick links” category and “More links” category. They serve you for easy navigation through the portal’s site. Near, you will see the main info on payment methods, devices that portal supports, gained licenses and much more.

Models of Gaming

As we have already said, there are sections for games and actual game icons right on the home page, so you can choose a game right there. But the list is not full, so if you want to check the full one, you will have to click on “More games”.

Also, the platform provides you a unique service. If you scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will see a category named “Casino Links”, and, for example, once you click on “Online roulette” or “Video Poker”, you will be redirected to new tabs. In these tabs, you will receive a lot of information on what this type of free games mean, how to play it, what strategies to use and so on. We can consider this as your personal AllSlots guide.

All Slots Casino offers its guests an excellent selection of games, which includes more than 40 blackjack models, roulette, board and card games, about 60 video poker games, lotteries, games in which a progressive jackpot is played and can be gained. Hm… Something is missing in this listing, do not you think? Of course, we forgot to mention free slot machines! Believe us, the number of free slot machines is huge. Though, you might probably get if from the portal’s official name. Also, we should note that the total number of all games is nearly 700!

We were interested in a game called Jack & Jill. This video slot is dedicated to a children’s poem in which Jack and Jill went for water. You can find out what happened next by finding the full text on the Internet or during the game.

Jack & Jill has a fairly high quality graphic arts, it is with beautiful and vivid pictures. This gaming is a five-reel slot machine with 20 pay lines. Among the symbols/characters of the slot, there are symbols/characters, such as Jack, Jill, a well, a bucket of water, card values from 10 to ace and others.

Interestingly, one of the pictures shows a scene in which Jill covers his bare chest, while Jack lies on the ground and stars are circling around his head. Have you read the original children’s poem. Did everything look a little different or was the same?

The logo of the game performs the function of a wild symbol. Each such symbol adds an increase factor of x2 in the winning combination. At least three scatter symbols, which is a bucket of water, start 15 free spins of the reels, during which the winnings for all combinations are quadrupled. To conclude, we must sat that the video slot boasts good graphics, a fun story line and fairly profitable free spins.

Packages of Bonuses for Players

We can talk about how gaming diapason is important all night long, but there is one more thing that we can talk about a long time. Yes, we are talking about packages of gifts, bonuses, rewards and promotions on platform.

The most wanted thing for every beginner (we mean a beginner for a particular site, not in general) is a package of gifts for registering on the site. AllSlots is among the listing of those portals that provide generous gifts for newbies.

For example, you can gain €1500 during the 1st week for just registering on the site. That is all! Completed signing up = welcome bonus is yours. This package is divided into three deposit makings. When you deposit firstly, you can gain €500. When you deposit for the second time, you can gain €500. And, as you understand, the third deposits makes you €500 too.

Plus, you can become a member of Loyalty Club, which allows to gain additional prizes, such weekly promos and bonuses, monthly rewards and others. It is like a flash in the darkness. When you play on the site, you can gamble with games that include a possibility to win a jackpot or receive another kind of bonuses (in the form of free spins). Sometimes, no deposit bonus code or promo code are valid at the moment, so you can use them, but we strongly recommend you to check the terms before accepting them.

Paying and Systems to Commit Money Transmissions

Honestly, it would not be an exaggeration if we said that everybody wants to use the safest and the most comfortable way to pay and commit money transactions. Show me at least one person that would not be upset if his/her funds flew away with no coming back by not his/her fault. Let’s think if it was the fault of casino’s unreliability or not trustworthy payment methods. Of course, every single person would be upset.

That is the exact reason for why All Slots thought about your comfortability and started cooperation with the leaders of monetary transactions, with those who are considered to be the safest options. Those options are used by many financial institutions, by numerous similar portals and unsimilar portals. Interested? Among these options, you can find the following.

Software & Security

Every single player (experienced masters and beginners/gaming amateurs) with no exception wants to feel protected and not to get deceived. AllSlots casino controls this process in a cooperation with the Digimedia group. It helps to prevent fraud attacks, spreading your personal info through the Web and encrypt all the info between you and the casino itself.

Also, the portal can ask you to verify your account sometimes or to provide more personal docs (rather, its copies). This way, the administrations can ensure that you are the one who has logged in into your account. Agree, it is better to pass the authentication than to let frauds steal your data.

What about software? Probably, you have heard about a corporation of development named Microgaming. So, this is exactly that corporation that helps AllSlots Casino with providing with the best gaming soft.

Care Service | Help for Customers

Actually, when some trouble comes up, a lot of people start reacting with fear and panic. Please, leave those emotions behind because they bring no help. What brings help is the All Slots Casino’s care service for the visitors.

How can you get this support? Oh, let’s talk about the available options.

  • The first thing that you can do if you are still a little shy, is to surf the “FAQ” category. This category is displayed (as we have already mentioned) at the bottom of the page. Once you press “FAQ”, a new tab opens. In this tab, you will get an opportunity to surf all info and (if you are lucky enough) to find the answers without additional support and help.
  • When a problem and its solution were not found in the listing, you should check the other options. One of those variations is live chat support which is available for writing any second.
  • If this option is not comfy or the next option sounds quicker for you, use this one. Contacting the staff of the portal by phone is also an available service. If you find this option more suitable exactly for you, we do not see a problem.
  • There is also a section named as “Forgot password”. You understand from the name in what cases you can press on this tab, right? Once you press it, a new window appears which leads you step by step to recovering your password.

Let’s conclude. You have four options and one decision to make. It is up to you which one is going to help you with your issues. But let’s hope that there will be no issues and the work will be smooth.

Versions of the Site | Gadgets

Many people find it pretty difficult to be always at home with their computers or laptops or to be on a run with the same gadgets. Actually, if a laptop can be carried in a special bag, you will not be able to carry computers (especially since they work only with cords and electricity). Briefly speaking, it is impossible to play with it when you are not at home. Every problem needs a smart solution, right?

If you want to turn the “gambling activity” mode on, you can simply start this activity using the only gadget which is known for us all. Yes, use your mobile phone. No heaviness, no cords, no necessary electricity. Is not it a miracle?

There is also another option if you do not play with laptops because of inconvenience and do not want to play from your phone because of small size and screen, you can pick an alternative option. Tablet will be that option. The screen is bigger than the phone’s, but smaller that the laptop’s. The height is also light. All is needed is to charge your gadget from home.

Another moment that worries a large number of clients is if there are any differences between the image on computers and the image on pocket gadgets. Please, leave the worries behind, because the developers and designers were not sleeping (it is exaggerated, of course, but still) to make the website flexible. It adapts to any device, which makes it comfortable for using.

Conclusion of AllSlots Casino

Let’s leave long prehistory aside and get to the chase. The conclusion is already on its way. So, do you want to conclude all the things that may lead you to choosing this casino, not the other portals? Okay, let’s get it started already.

When you are in search for a portal to gamble, your attention is drawn to the level of wideness of free games diapason. Fortunately, there are nearly 700 models that you can choose from. Plus, they were developed not by any low-level company, Microgaming was working on them, which is an absolute leader in soft industry. Register all-star casino and pick the most exciting gaming model. Start your instant play with no hesitations.

  • Also, you want to feel comfortable in the picked gambling room and to feel sure about your safety there. The group of Digimedia coworks with casino AllSlots to ensure your well-being and keeping your confidential data safe as well. Also, authentication process is included to make sure that this is you who is trying to log in. It were never just big words that is one of the safest and coolest casinos in Canada and the whole world.
  • Ways to pay and to commit monetary transmissions are always important, and the more methods are there, the more clients a casino can attract. For now, All Slots has 11 methods (the most commonly used ones) that you can pick from.
  • Well, who is not in love with frequent flyer programs? Yep, everybody likes receiving things for free. In this casino, you can gain weekly gifts, monthly ones, additional promos, so called “Welcome to Our Club” package, prizes for entering bonus code 2021 (if any are valid at the moment). Also, you can become the owner of a jackpot. Who knows? Maybe, you are that lucky one.
  • Numerous players (actually, a better part of gamblers) find it uncomfortable and inconvenient to play with laptops and computers. Phones and tablets are more comfortable for playing, they think. No wonder! Phones/tablets can be put in the pocket and taken whenever and wherever you want. This is why you can play on all devices by type and all gadgets by PC (Android app/apk file (app download from a browser), a mobile app from App Store).
  • Care/Support staff is always at your disposal and ready to help. No matter if you call by using a phone number gotten from the official site, or you write through the chat, or you simply surf the tab of FAQs. Help is on every step.

As you can see for yourself, this portal deserves its high evaluations and ratings from its members. But as people say, “Do not believe until you try yourself!”, “Picture’s worth a thousand words.” or “Seeing is believing.” No matter what interpretation you heard, the sense remains the same.

Actually, we agree with this statement. It is better to try once that to listen to other people a hundred times. So, all we have left is to wish you good luck on portal which is a favorite for English people, for Francais people and people from all countries of our world. Believe us, if we were leprechauns, we would pour magic sand for luck on you. Please, play smart and take good winnings from this flash portal!