Jackpot City Casino | The Leading Gambling Portal for Canada in 2021

It is not a secret for anyone that online gambling industry keeps increasing and attracting more customers from all parts of the world. This is due to numerous reason. Firstly, playing on the Internet does not require people to get out of home and go somewhere else to be able to gamble. People can easily start their gambling activity sitting on the cozy armchair drinking hot tea or cappuccino. Isn’t it great?

Plus, you can play not only with your laptop sitting in that cozy armchair with hot drinks in your hands, you can also use mobile gadgets (phones/tablets) and play whenever, wherever and however you want to. Remember that gambling is not a problem anymore. Gambling is about comfortability and is not about restrictions and limits. Not anymore.

We can talk about the advantages of online gaming popularity all night long, but let’s get to the part when it becomes hard to find a worthy online gaming portal. There are a lot of various information on the Web, but not all of it is valid and worthy of attention. And you still try and filter it, right? The same thing needs to be done with online casinos. There is a huge number of such online institutions, but not all of them are worthy of attention and reliable. So, you should filter them too.

Fortunately, we can help you with this. For today, we have prepared an article in the form of review which is connected to one of the most loved casino for gaming on the Internet. It would not be just some big words if we said that casino Jackpot City is really loved and is favorite one for numerous gamblers. Maybe, you will become one of them too if you pick this portal after reading our review.

Why is Jackpot City Casino Worth Your Attention?

Many questions can bother you, which is clear because it is important to understand to what portal you are about to be connected and to play with. Why is JackpotCity casino worth your attention? What are its features? How can you take advantage of those features? All this will be described below, but now we want to tell about this platform in general.

Let’s start with the fact that Jackpot City was founded in 1998. As you can see, it has been working for over than 20 years already. Frankly speaking, a period of 20 years is considered to be a long time in the online gaming area. The casino is an experienced portal and knows how to satisfy customers of all tastes and interests. We can ensure you that it would be really hard to get you unsatisfied at least because of a wide diapason of available free games and reliability of the services.

The Portal’s Site | Appearance

We would not reinvent the wheel if we said that it is true about appearance playing the significant role in our life. And it is not about the daily life only, it is about casinos too. Let’s be honest and think well. We like all that looks beautiful, so would we stay on the website that looks otherwise?

If to talk about how the website of JackpotCity casino looks like, we must mention the first general thing about it. The whole design of the website was performed in pleasant violet/purple and black tones. We are sure that once you go to jackpotcitycasino.com, your eyes will be drawn to those colors because they literally move you into another world that named as gambling flash.

When you take a look at the left corner of the right site, you will see a logo performed with purple, black (traditionally) and white tones. Righter, there are sections named as “Signup”/”Login”, “Add to Desktop” icon and “Help 24/7” icon. Here, you can start registration process or sign in, start instant playing or download additional soft. All functions are accessible for you.

Near, there are categories, through which you can easily navigate through the site. Those categories are:

  • Category named as “Home”;
  • Category named as “Casino Games”;
  • Category named as “Promotions”;
  • Category named as “Banking”;
  • Category named as “Loyalty Programs”;
  • Category named as “Winners”;
  • Category named as “Language”.

It is also impossible to not notice a huge banner that appears once you open a tab. It tells you about a welcome bonus that is currently on the offer there. The picture on which the welcome bonus text is situated is also made with purple tones (the city is situated there) and a movable virtual trinket that displays the “Exclusive offer”.

If you scroll to the bottom, you will some more links that can help you navigate through the site with no problems. Those links are:

  • “Online Casino”;
  • “Online Casino Games”
  • “Online Slots”;
  • “Online Blackjack”;
  • “Online Roulette”;
  • Mobile Casino”;
  • Mobile Slots”;
  • “iPhone Casino”;
  • “iPad Casino”;
  • Android Casino”;
  • “Online Casino Promotions”;
  • “Winners”;
  • “Loyalty Rewards”;
  • “Banking”;
  • “Casino Affiliate Programs”;
  • “About Us”;
  • “Support”;
  • “Casino Terms”;
  • “Security and Privacy”;
  • “Responsible Gaming”;
  • “Live Dealer”;
  • “Blog”.

Free Games Spectrum

Players always want to know what number of available free games are on the chosen casino’s website. If to talk about the games number of JackpotCity, we should mention that it consists of more than 450 models. Can you imagine it? And what does it mean? Well, that means that it will make no problem to find at least one suitable game out of 450 options, including poker, slots and other games.

If you are interested, you may wonder how to pick a game. We will tell you. You have two options. The first option supposes clicking on the button (which is situated at the top of the page) named as “Casino Games”. Once you made a click, new subcategories come to your eyes. Those subcategories are:

  • Subcategory named as “Online Slots”;
  • Subcategory named as “Online Blackjack”;
  • Subcategory named as “Online Roulette”;
  • Subcategory named as “Live Dealer”.

Plus, we should mention about the appearance on different gadgets. To be honest, there is no different if your PC/phone is on Windows, if your device is on Android, if your phone/tablet is on iOS, the design will adapt for each one.

You can download and apk file, download a special app from mobile stores or simply play from the browsers. The difference is absent. Is not it bingo? You can play on any device that you want.

Programs of Generous Gifts and Promotions

What can be more wanted than finding out about possible programs of bonuses, gifts and promotions? Jackpot City casino has very generous programs on the offer. Some people may think about no deposit bonus, but there is no such thing on this platform. But stop getting said, it provides you with the other, not less generous program.

For example, you can earn up to 1600 dollars ($) totally for the first four deposits. While making the first deposit, the client is getting his/he funds back literally, because the welcome bonus for 4 depositing is 100%. The same story happens with the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th deposits. Below, you can see detailed information taken from the official website of the portal.

Plus, you can find weekly/monthly promos, bonuses in the form of free spins and check the info on www.jackpotcitycasino.com about loyalty club that also can let you gain even more bonuses that can be turned into real money. Please, hurry up, because those bonuses, including the quantity of free spins can be still valid not for a long time. They can vary due to the decisions of the casino’s administration and you should act in accordance with its requirements.

Also, there may be some new coupons or promo codes that can let you gain more additional bonuses. Such codes are often displayed in the “Terms & Conditions” section. So, check the websites and seek for prizes.

Software | Security

Let’s start with the software part. We would take much time with it, because it is only needed to say that this casino gaming range is powered with the help of Microgaming. We bet you heard about this soft corporation at least once in your life. If no, we must mention that is counts to be the leader in the area of providing with the best soft products ever.

Security of the JackpotCity is on the highest level. The service cooperates with the Cityviews group that is considered to be the leading security corporation in Canada as well as all over the world. It uses special protocol that encrypts all information that is shared between you and the casino. This turn of events make it impossible for frauds to get close to your confidential information. This info is safe with the help of Cityviews.

For somebody, passing the authentication seems like annoying process and is gets hard to not get annoyed about it. But think about it. The service cares for you and this authentication is meant to work for your sake. Who knows, when it is you and when it is any other person who is trying to login into your profile?

Banking Methods

It is important to use a convenient banking methods for monetary operations for every single gamer. You probably want to find out about what banking methods Jackpot City can provide you with, which is why we created a listing of those banking options and wanted to share it with you. In the listing, we have:

  • Visa Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • VisaElectron Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • MasterCard Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • Maestro Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • AstroPay Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • Boleto Bancario Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • Cheque Payment Option (suitable for withdrawal time only);
  • Direct Bank Transfer Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • DineroMail Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • ECheck Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • EcoPayz Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • EntroPay Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • GiroPay Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • PaySafeCard Payment Option (suitable for depositing only);
  • InstaDebit Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • Neteller Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • PostePay Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing);
  • PayPal Payment Option (suitable for both depositing and withdrawing).

We think that the listing is long already, so we do not want to overload you with information on payment methods. If you want, you can go the site jackpotcitycasino.com and check the whole listing presented in the section named as “Banking”.

Support For Clients From the Portal’s Staff

As we all know, the part of providing the clients with support is significantly important, because no matter how well the website works, it can make mistakes sometimes, for example. In this case, you will need to contact the support service for visitors. And you may also have your own questions that are not connected to the work of the portal’s website. In this case, you will also need to get some support from the casino’s staff.

There are 3 options with the help of which you can get help. Among those options, you find the following.

  • The first option is to contact the staff with the help of email. You can do this if you click on the button named as “Help”, and when a new tab opens, you should click the button named as “Email Us”.
  • The second option is to contact the staff with the help of live chat. You can do this if you click on the button named as “Help”, and when a new tab opens, you should click the button named as “Chat to Us”.
  • The third option is not to contact the staff at all. This option supposes to find the tab named as “FAQ”, where all commonly asked questions and answers to them are displayed. Who knows, maybe, this is the exact place where your answer is hidden? Check this out, if you have any issues appearing on your way.

Jackpot City Casino Verdict

As we think, it would not be inappropriate to make a conclusion. We think, that the part with conclusion is another opportunity for you to decide if you want to play with casino Jackpot City or not. So, let’s start.

If you still hesitate, remember that the portal of JackpotCity provides its customers with a diapason of more than 450 free games models. Among those games, there are black jack varieties, options of roulette, a large number of different slots and much more. We ensure you that it is possible to find at least one gaming model that comes to your taste and interests.

Plus, the appearance of the platform’s website is good-looking and pleasant to eyes. The whole design is made with violet tones. Even if you are not a big fan of this color, you will not be indifferent. Those tones look really appropriate. Also, the website is easy to navigate and the using is intuitive. On the top there are the main 7 sections that helps with navigation. The quantity of helping links at the bottom of the page is 22.

Another huge plus lies in the fact that you can commit monetary transmissions with a wide spectrum of available banking methods. We made a listing that included 18 methods and said that it is not all so far. We did not name all of them because the listing would be too long. So, imagine how many methods are there. The possibility to not find a suitable method is the slightest.

The casino also cares about all its customers which is why provides them with the best service of care. You can contact the staff of the casino via email to get help. Another way to connect with the staff will be to write them through online live chat. Also, if you do not want to get in touch with the staff and/or are sure that your problem can be solved without any outer help, you can go the section “FAQ”. The decision is up to you.

Bonuses of 100% (remember, we were talking about 4 deposits?) are also the things that can make you feel glad for choosing this casino and not the other portals. Moreover, you will be able to become the member of the loyalty club that lets you gain even more additional bonuses. Also, weekly/monthly gifts are often on the offer. And if any promo codes are valid, use them.

So, are you curious about are thoughts? Let’s conclude. We can surely say that we recommend visiting this casino. It would be great to experience being the member of such huge gambling corporation that cares about is numerous gamblers and does its best to keep the popularity (for over than 20 years already!).

It does not matter where you are from whether its is Quebec or it is Ottawa, or it is completely another part of the world. You can become a winner from all world’s parts! So, we wish you luck with the heart. Show this gambling world who is the gambling leader! Try yourself in the best casino in Canada in 2021!