Spin Palace Casino – Play Slots and Other Games in 2021

Hello to you! We are glad to see you here reading our article. So, let’s start with the fact that today’s topic of the article is a review of one of the most commonly known casinos in Canada and the whole world. Yes, the talk is about Spin Palace casino.

Of course, sometimes it gets difficult to find a gaming room that would be reliable, full of interesting game models, secure and pleasant with its appearance. But who said it is not possible? Everything is possible if you do a little research, read reviews and see what can you get if choosing a particular gambling platform.

We all know that not all countries permit landed casinos to operate. Well, it is not a good thing for them because they need to find another way to work. But let’s be optimists: when one door closes, another door opens. When a casino cannot work on the ground (literally), it starts working on the Web. Though, the more casinos start working on the Web, the higher competition appears. In turn, this makes the portals understand that they need to do something to stand out.

This is when it becomes a good thing for you, because the more they need to work, the bigger possibility you get to find an excellent portal with excellent ratings and services. Today, we want to talk about one of such excellent portals named Spin Palace casino.

Why is Spin Palace Worth Your Attention?

Let’s make a brief introduction and tell about the general information about Spin Palace platform. It started operating in 2001 and now continues its activity for more than 18 years already. For some people, it is a short time, for the other people it is a long time, but no matter how long it feels, the casino is full of loyal fans and good rates. We can call it a success, can’t we? So, we offer you to get straight to the chase and start describing each SpinPalace’s feature that will definitely make a good impression for you. Are you ready? Go!

Appearance of the Portal’s Site

When we firstly get to the official site by the link, we cannot notice the inner functions and possibilities. All we can notice is how that website looks. Everybody gets that, including the casino’s founders and its designers. So, when they start creating a design, they know that it has to be well-elaborated. What can we say about the design of the Spin Palace gambling site?

When you go the official site by the link www.spinpalace.com, you will see next picture. In the middle of the upper side, there is a logo, as in Spin Palace sign. It consists of the name only (“Spin Palace) that is colored with gradient from vivid pink tone to red tone. Also, under the letter “i”, we see a star, not a dot. By the way, the whole website is designed with white, pink and red tones.

Under the logo, there are such categories:

  • Category “Home”;
  • Category “Sign-on Bonus”;
  • Category “Loyalty Club”;
  • Category “Casino Games”;
  • Category “Banking”;
  • Category “Mobile”;
  • Category “Languages”.

If you start looking a little righter, you will see the button named “Login”. If you start looking a little lefter, you will notice 2 icons. The first one can open an additional window, where you can find games, change the language, read about loyalty club, where you can also login or register. It is a so-called hidden menu of the menu described above.

After this all, there is a huge all-page advertisement banner that tells you about the bonus that you can get if you register on the site. Now, it shows that you can gain $1000 for free. Of course, those banners are different when time goes by, but for now it is $1000. The most exciting thing is that this banner is situated on the movable picture.

When you scroll down, you can see icons of particular games (not all), you can see how the casino describes itself. And if you scroll to the bottom, you will see three sections of links (with the help of which you can navigate through the website). Those links are:

  • “Casino Links” section;
  • “Quick Links” section;
  • “More Links” section;

Also, there are small pictures/logos of those corporations that cooperate with Spin Palace and pictures of gadgets that Spin Palace is compatible with. You may also ask one question. Is Spin Palace legal? Yes, at the bottom of this page, there is info on the gotten licenses.

Plus, we should mention that you can play with PC (laptops/computers), devices on iOs, gadgets on Android, phones and tablets on Windows. Mobile versions are available too. If you worry about the appearance of the mobile version, do not. The design is flexible and adaptive to all devices. As a rule, the site comes with English version, but you can switch to another language.

The Registration Process

The first thing that we should mention is that the navigation of the site is easy and registering a new account causes no problems. Let’s start with the buttons that can trigger appearing a window of signing up. The first option is to click on the “Login” button in the right corner on the page’s top. The second option is to click on the hidden menu icon and select the button named “Register”. The third option is to click on the button named “Play now”. If you do not have an account and you are not signed in, that triggers a new window for signing up/signing in.

Anyway, no matter what option is comfier for you, the process is the same. The website is going to ask you to pass three steps of registering. Firstly, you will have to come up with a creative login and a strong password and choose your country from the listing.

Secondly, you will have to come up with your 1st name and 2nd name, the birth date, your gender, the language that is your mother tongue, or if there is not your mother tongue, the one that suits you the most, and currency that you are going to use through the whole gambling activity.

Thirdly, you will have to leave your phone number, the exact address and the postcode of your place of residence. Plus, you will need to agree on terms of using the casino’s services, on getting info on promotions/bonuses and that your age is 18 or more. The customers the age of which is under 18 cannot play in SpinPalaceCasino. Once you fulfill all the needed sections with your info, you can click the button named “Signup”/”Register” and get to the gaming.

Spectrum of Free Games

All gamers (no exceptions are accepted) would like to hear that the chosen casino is the owner of a large number of free game models, that the chosen casino is a flash in the dark place in the terms of games, as in it differs from the other similar portals and can offer even more exciting games.

How can you choose a game? Of course, you must be signed in. Once you are signed in, you can click on the button named as “Play now” or click on the category named as “Casino Games”. When you clink on it, a tab with categories opens. It is better to clink on “All games” and get to the next window to see a full list of available types and genres. Among those types and genres, you can see such categories of free games:

  • Category named as “Mp Baccarat Diamond Live Dealer”;
  • Category named as “Blackjack”;
  • Category named as “Casino War”;
  • Category named as “Craps”;
  • Category named as “Keno”
  • Category named as “Live Casino”;
  • Category named as “Roulette”;
  • Category named as “Sic Bo”;
  • Category named as “Slots”;
  • Category named as “Casino Tournaments”;
  • Category named as “Double Double Bonus 10 Play Poker”;
  • Category named as “Video Poker”.

As you can see, you play games that are completely different in general, but has one thing in common. They all are highly rated and loved by the customers. For now, the casino SpinPalace can offer more than 400 items for its visitors. We think that it is more than enough to be able to pick at least game that can become a favorite one.

Generous Frequent Flyer and Promo Programs in 2021

Numerous players start paying attention to bonus programs the minute they got to the site. All people like bonuses and getting cash for free. Do you love getting real money for free? We bet you do. So, Spin Palace is exactly the place that can give you that opportunity.

If you register and login, you will become the owner of the $1000 gift! It is your no deposit bonus! Can you imagine it? We think that such welcome bonus is pretty generous. Also, you can get bonuses for the 1st three deposits. When the first deposit is made, you are getting an opportunity to get bonus of 100% that can bring a sum of up to 400 dollars ($). When the second deposit is made, you are getting an opportunity to get bonus of 100% that can bring a sum of up to 300 dollars ($). And when the third deposit is made, you are getting an opportunity to get bonus of 100% that can bring a sum of up to 300 dollars ($).

Also, the portal has weekly and monthly frequent flyer programs that you can take advantage of. Plus, if you are active and loyal, you can become one of the loyalty club members and gain more additional prizes and gifts (often, it is free spins).

If you ask about promo codes or/and bonus codes, you should better go to the official site and check this info out yourself, because the terms of using such codes can vary, appear and disappear very fast. See, how many generous prizes are here. How do you think now? Does spinpalace.com deserve your attention and being one of the best gaming platform in Canada and the whole world?

Software & Security

To become a really good casino, the founders should think over a lot of details, including the soft companies that it would be great to cooperate with. If you have ever heard about Microgaming, you are aware that its products is loved and its work is respected in Canada as well as in the whole world. Averagely, the ratings of Microgaming products are 97% out of 100%. It is a complete success, and you can enjoy a wide spectrum of games of this successful company of soft developing.

What about the part with security? All people want to feel protected and safe, and if they do not, they get scared, sad and disappointed. The casino spinpalace.com does not want to get its customers unsatisfied, which is why it started coworking with one of the leaders of protection services Cityviews.

The Cityviews group is in charge for encrypting all info between the customers and the casino. So, once you share any info of yours, it becomes encrypted and unavailable for all users except the casino itself. Plus, it is needed to verify your personality sometimes and pass the process of verification. Some users find it annoying, but is it really that bad when it comes to protecting your own confidential info and funds? Think about it.

Ways to Control Funds and Pay

It was always important for casino to be able to provide its clients with a diapason of the most commonly used methods to commit monetary transmissions. The more options are there, the higher possibility is there that the casino attracts even more permanent customers. Of course, some methods suit one group of people and the other group prefers the other methods. Some payment options work immediately, for some depositing and withdrawal time is a little longer, but all options have a right to exist in gambling world. Among such methods of SpinPalace, you can find the following.

Help For Customers from the Service’s Staff

Well, even the most perfectly working websites sometimes can fail or be unclear for some customers, but there is no reason to worry. Leave those worries behind because the customer support staff is always at the customers’ disposal and ready to provide with the highest level of helping. You can connect with the staff by online live chat or via email that works all day and all night long every day. It is a premium casino and it works for its reputation, so you can be sure that the answers come really quick.

Another option is to open a tab named as “FAQ” and start looking for the answers to your questions right there. Sometimes, you have questions that can be solved easily with no outer interventions. Anyway, we hope that you are not going to get any additional questions and gambling activity is going to be easy.


It seems like our review on Spin Palace casino comes to the end, and probably you have already made a decision on if you want to play in this portal or not, but let’s conclude all the feature described in details above. Don’t you mind?

The first thing to conclude will be the appearance. It was designed with white, pink and red tones. Of course, you can see the other tones, but white, pink and red are dominating ones. The menu is easy and intuitive to navigate. So, there would be no problem with getting used to the interface and the website.

The second thing to conclude will be the process of registration. This process is divided into 3 steps, during which you will have to share some personal info. What exactly you need to mention, you will be notified in the special registration tabs. Once all the info is fulfilled, you can start picking the best model of free games and start your instant play.

The third thing to conclude will be the range of models of games. It is wide and has a lot of models on the offer. Those models are of diverse types/genres and played for real money. Those types include poker, keno, different board games and live games. All games were provided by the soft company named as Microgaming. They are the winners in soft developing area.

The fourth thing to conclude will be the part with bonuses that Spin Casino generously provides you with. When you create an account, you automatically get an opportunity to become a lucky owner of 1000 dollars ($) just for free. The other bonuses come after making 3 deposits. Also, you can get the other weekly/monthly prizes, you can use promo codes and/or bonus codes but you should check the bonuses terms before agreeing on them.

The fifth thing to conclude will be the customer service (staff that provides players with help). To get help, you have two options. One option supposes contacting the staff by online chat where responses come very quickly. The other option supposes getting to the “FAQ” window where you can get the answers yourself.

The sixth thing to conclude will be gadgets that SpinCasino supports. You can play on laptops/computers, tablets and mobile phones, and it has no difference what OS your gadget uses. If you are the owner of Android model, you can play from browsers, download files of apk format of the app or install the app from the official store. If you are the owner of iOS gadget, you can also play from the mobile browser or download a mobile app. The same story with Windows gadgets.

So, now we can consider our article ended, and the only thing we have left is wishing you great luck with your gambling activity. Go to www.spinpalace.com and show all gamers who is better and that you are able to win!